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Nowadays, a very important problem is hygiene and purity of instruments as well as the cleanness of rooms in a stomatological facility. The application of the appropriate procedures of disinfection and sterilisation of stomatological instruments is an absolute duty of every health care facility. Being fully aware of that, we equipped our clinic with a sterile supply unit. The instruments are disinfected and then sterilised in a class B autoclave (the highest quality class) equipped with fractionated vacuum option, manufactured by the German company Melag AG; it is additionally equipped with distilling apparatus yielding distilled water that is indispensable for sterilisation.

The sterilisation process is controlled at three stages:

– the autoclave controls the process and produces a computer printuot of it

-each and every sterilization process is validated by a strip test

-a biological efficacy test is performed once a month. Its results are examined by the Regional Sanitary Inspectorate and then stored in our facility. The results are available for patients.